New album – Getz Together

newalbum_buyThrough all the paths and crossroads of my life, one true companion has always walked beside me – Music! She´s a tough lady and she demands total honesty and dedication. But when I give her that, she comes alive and shows me the way.She tells me stories I couldn´t have heard from anyone else, she makes me see things unseen before, and she takes off and letsme fly.I have only one rule when it comes to music, my own records, my gigs, and those I work with; I do songs that I love, so let`s have fun!… I’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with musicians who share my vision and philosophy.

Above all, Music gives me the means to communicate my joys and sorrows with you. Hopefully she has allowed me to do that on this album.

After playing two years “on stage” with the Stockholm Jazz Trio (SJT), I decided to do a “live in-studio production”. This is my second solo album; the first, “Bossamysoul” was released in 2008. This album was recorded in Stockholm on October 9 and 29, 2012. It was my wish to do a recording where SJT and I could create exactly the same sound we get on stage; the “one take” way. Together with sound engineer, John Högman, we found the sound we wanted and this allowed us to just focus on the songs, have fun together, and play great music. Now that this is done I feel a great sense of pride over what everyone, the wonderful musicians and technicians, accomplished. Thanks guys! You all really put your heart and soul into this record. I wanted a close, real, acoustic sound and all of you really came through for me this time.

So I’d like to give a warm thanks to:

Mr. “Bassman” Jan Adefelt
thanks for your great devotion and enthusiasm and your fantastic arrangements. Man! “you rock” when we play.

Mr. “Piano genius” Daniel Tilling 
I´m just honored. You bring so much to the table and I love all of it.

Mr. “Dynamic drums” Jesper Kviberg 
love your sound and personality. Thanks man! Hope to work with you a lot in the future.

Mr. “Soundman” John Högman 
you gave us the freedom to “just play” in the studio.

Mr. “Saxophone” Wojtek Goral 
my “brother” of two records and a ton of gigs together. Always great, and you always make me laugh my head off. Thanks man!

My first album – Bossamysoul

bossa_buyMy first Album ”Bossamysoul” album was recorded in 2008
“The music is basically a distinct genre that blends together airy soul with Brazilian Bossa Nova rhythms along with a hint of light, jazz-blues:
music that is happy and easy to listen to without being superficial.”
Bossamysoul features many of Sweden’s best studio musicians. Everything is acoustic; nothing is pre-recorded or sampled. Live strings come
in like waves on a beach; the harmonica and lap steel add an exotic flavor to the genre, and the saxophone or flute serves as the perfect duet
partner for Peter’s smooth, heartfelt vocals.